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Women Black Quilted Shoulders Leather Jacket

Women Black Quilted Shoulders Leather Jacket
Women Black Quilted Shoulders Leather Jacket
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Women Black Quilted Shoulders Leather Jacket

Here is another best seller for those young girls and decent ladies who love to have their jacket presenting them as a fashion icon while riding, walking or enjoying the gathering. This high quality is made with pure cowhide leather that has its own impression. The jacket has been equipped with zip up blazers and front asymmetric zipper closure. It has quilted shoulders and sleeves with great quality of craftsmanship. It has two side pockets above waist with asymmetric styled zipper closure to give you more feeling of safety when you keep your valuables in those pockets while riding. It has a stylish pocket near right shoulder with zipper closure to give more attraction to your high class outerwear. The Jacket has been decorated with multiple buttons and buckle belt on waist that gives you a riding experience with an additional touch of comfort.

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