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Stylish Men's Black Bomber leather Jackets

Stylish Men's Black Bomber leather Jackets
Stylish Men's Black Bomber leather Jackets
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Stylish Men's Black Bomber leather Jackets

This wonderful Stylish Men's Black Bomber leather Jacket has been made of authentic yielding lamb leather with soft and supple lining material which is very relaxed and hard-wearing. Apart from being comfortable it has an eye-catching design, which is going to make you stand out amongst others for sure It is prepared by professionals with great skill you can buy this jacket with assurance and it will be incredible addition in your attire. This jacket is a grace and fresh classiness outfit. Its four front pockets look very remarkable. This Jacket is available in-stock in various sizes ranges from XS – 5XL.

Jacket Features :

  • Material : Top Quality Soft cowhide Leather
  • Thickness : 1.2-1.3mm
  • Pockets :  Two Front Pocket
  • Lining : Polyester Lining with 2 inside pockets
  • Fastening : Asymmetric Front Zipper covered with flap

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