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Men Black Hoodies Bomber Leather Jacket

Men Black Hoodies Bomber Leather Jacket
Men Black Hoodies Bomber Leather Jacket
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Men Black Hoodies Bomber Leather Jacket

This bomber hooded jacket is a fantastic way of instilling a dandy look in your wardrobe. perfectly detailed with drawstring hooded, front zip closure, two waist zipped pockets and ribbed cuffs this ensemble finished in top-grade sheep Napa, remarkably embodies a trendy yet polished take on smart casual attire. This smart casual outfit is made by 100% genuine leather with comfortable polyester lining which will give you relaxed feeling. The hood is large and easy to take on and off. You will be very happy with this warm jacket. This stylish jacket is available in different attractive color and sizes from XS – 5X.

Jacket Features :

  • Material : 100% Genuine cowhide Leather 
  • Thickness : 1.2-1.33mm
  • Fastening : Front Zipper Closure
  • Shoulders : Quilted shoulders,sleeves and upper jacket body
  • Pockets : Two Side Pockets Zippers
  • Lining : Polyester Lining with  inside pocket


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