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Captain America Muscle Jumpsuit Mens Real Leather Costume (Free Shipping )

Captain America Muscle Jumpsuit Mens Real Leather Costume (Free Shipping )
Captain America Muscle Jumpsuit Mens Real Leather Costume (Free Shipping )
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Captain America Muscle Jumpsuit Mens Costume

A Typical Captain America Style jacket with awesome contrast of Grey Color Stripes detailing at chest and is made up of 100% pure cowhide leather with quilted inner lining jacket is having 2 front pockets, a bane collar, front zippers, zipped cuffs, awesome front panel ,double and triple stitching for neatness and durability.

Jacket Features :

  • 100 % Genuine Top Quality Cowhide Leather
  • it's a two piece suit with a zip at back for easy attachment with Trouser
  • Original YKK Zippers
  • Adjustable Velcro belt strap attached with trouser
  • Removable CE Padding on Shoulders, Elbows,back and knees
  • Elasticated panels at trouser's Back and sides for comfort
  • Silver color Stripes detailing at front and back of the jacket
  • Black perforated panels all over the suit.
  • Cargo pockets Trousers
  • Quilted Inner LINING for Jacket and Mesh Lining for Trouser
  • A beautiful contrast of black and navy blue color aligned in a beautiful way.
  • Front Zipper Fastening ,zippered cuffs jacket and zipper bottom pants
  • Dual stitched main seams for excellent tear resistance and durability
  • All other colors can also be made on demand just leave a note or message after purchasing item

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